What to bring: 

Why is the camp only one week?

Why is the camp only three hours in the morning?

Will you have cell reception in the trails.

Does my child need a helmet?

Does my child need to know how to ride a bike?

Will you go on difficult trails?

What if it rains?

Why is the age group rising 3rd through 6th graders?

What do you provide for snacks?

How much water should I send with my child?

What happens if my child gets hurt?

What happens if a child misbehaves?

What kind of bike does my child need?

What if my child gets a flat?

What if my child really likes this camp and wants to ride more?

What is GRiT?

Is this program part of the Lake Travis Mountain Bike Team?

Will you teach my child to do bike tricks or jumps.

What will my child learn?